Seismic, the industry-leading sales enablement platform, is the perfect replacement for SharePoint PowerPoint Slide Libraries

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Storing PowerPoint decks, Word docs, and other collateral on different servers and systems makes content hard for Sales to find and impossible for Marketing to update.

Now that Slide Libraries are discontinued in the Sharepoint 2013 release, Sales and Marketing teams are looking for a Slide Libraries replacement to put up-to-date content at sellers’ fingertips in the tools they use most. The question “what should I use as an alternative to SharePoint Slide Libraries?” is on users’ minds, and Seismic is here to help.

Seismic provides a platform for creating high-quality content, organizing it intelligently, and optimizing overall efficiency and effectiveness – ultimately accelerating deals and increasing sales revenue.

Using content automation and data intelligence, Seismic streamlines presentation management, improves content findability, and increases sales productivity. Pick-and-pack presentation builders are only the tip of the iceberg.

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As an alternative to SharePoint Slide Libraries, Seismic’s platform includes every capability sellers and marketers need for successful sales enablement, all in one comprehensive solution:

For Sales

DISCOVER content for every need and LEARN the latest news and intel

PERSONALIZE content with automated controls and COLLABORATE as a team

ENGAGE faster with intelligent delivery, and WIN with insights that accelerate sales

For Marketing

EDUCATE with just-in-time training and insights and INFORM on relevant news

ORGANIZE for automation and scalability and CREATE self-service content

REVIEW content usage and effectiveness and OPTIMIZE to reach enterprise goals

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