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A Study of the Trends & Challenges Content Marketers Face

Content is still king.  

This is according to a survey of over 100 marketing executives who indicated that there is a higher emphasis being placed on content initiatives now more than ever. The survey, presented in partnership by Gatepoint Research and Seismic, revealed that corporate initiatives are being centered around realizing the value of remarkable content and consistent branding across all client facing collateral.

While pressure is certainly being felt from above, the inability to control distribution of sales materials and gain insights into how those materials are performing in the field has created additional pressure on marketers from below.

There is no question that content is a vital tool for marketers, but the stress being placed on its importance will only increase in the coming year, unless high functioning strategies, processes, and technologies are implemented. 

Below are some of the main takeaways from the survey.

5 Impactful Takeaways for Content Marketing Leaders

Content Management Satisfaction 

Marketers today are not very pleased with the status of their current content management practices

gp_graph.pngNearly HALF of marketing executives say their content management methods are either average or below average 

Less than 1/5 of marketing executives indicate they are completely happy with their content management methods. 


The Most Pressing Challenges with Content Management

Sales and corporate demands are the most pressing challenges from a content management perspective

Marketers are experiencing difficulties posed by:

  • Custom requests for updated collateral (56%)
  • Content that sales people don’t use because they can’t find it (52%)
  • An inability to tell whether content is working or not (38%)

Branding Changes Take a Toll

Updating collateral while undergoing a branding change is extremely time consuming for marketers

69% of companies take at least 3 months to update all content with branding changes

34% take more than 6 months

Delivering Content to Sales

Outdated tech remains the primary way to deliver content to sales reps for marketers

A vast majority of respondents still deliver content to their sales reps via one-off emails (78%) and/or simply make content available for download on their company portal (72%)


How Technology Can Help

The right technologies and processes can help with the stated goals regarding sales enablement

Respondents demand content marketing solutions that:

  • Deliver content specific to the rep and selling situation (54%),
  • Are easy for the sales rep to find (53%),
  • Are always up-to-date and easily customizable (49%)

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